Healthy Touch

Massage & Therapeutic Bodywork


Health is the greatest gift;

Contentment the greatest Wealth; Faithfulness the best Relationship.



Welcome to Healthy Touch Massage and Therapeutic Bodywork in San Diego, California.  Owned and Operated by Shari Grayson, Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Massage Therapist, Certified Yoga Instructor.


Healthy Touch is about providing safe, appropriate, nurturing, necessary touch. With a Healthy Touch massage you can Relax, Revive, Renew. Many of life’s stresses, illnesses and injuries can be improved with the application of loving, compassionate touch. Massage and other body therapies provide a safe, acceptable, non-sexual way to receive much needed touch and love. Massage is a way to reconnect body and mind and then find emotions and inner spirit. The most impressive benefit to receiving massage is the new awareness it promotes of our body and our feelings and their connection to our thoughts.

At Healthy Touch, we are here to help you make that connection, to assist you in finding yourself, Mind, Body, Emotions, and Spirit. By making that connection you can find relief from stress and strain, renewed energy and passion for living, health and well-being. We all need touch, it is essential to our growth and development, not only as children, but to be able to thrive as adults. Touch is the most basic of needs

Massage and bodywork help to promote flow, this is a process of letting go, of moving consciousness into your body/mind. “The flower of your being begins to bloom when you move with the flow of life.” We believe that within each of us is an inner flame of knowledge, as we connect with that inner-knowing, it enables our whole life to grow and blossom; like the lotus flower on our logo. Healthy Touch can assist you towards positive transformation.